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Tracy Tracy

Clinical Research Coordinator

Tele-Exercise and Multiple Sclerosis (TEAMS) is an exercise based rehabilitation program designed to improve fitness and function for those diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.

There are few primary care and multiple sclerosis (MS) clinics that provide full exercise and rehabilitation services for patients with MS, especially in mostly rural, low‐income areas such as Alabama, Mississippi, and Tennessee. Telerehabilitation, or the delivery of rehabilitation services over the telephone and/or the Internet, can help fill service gaps for underserved MS patient populations in this region.

The TEAMS study will determine if an exercise-based rehabilitation program produces similar health outcomes when delivered in clinic or at home , using pre‐loaded tablets and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system technology among individuals with MS from 38 clinics across Alabama, Mississippi, and Tennessee. Outcomes we hope to achieve are improved physical activity, decreased pain and fatigue, and improved quality of life.

Please visit for more information and to be contacted by TEAMS research staff.