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Our History

The Tanner Foundation is a nonprofit 501(c)3 for people with Parkinson’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, and ALS. The foundation was started in 2003 by Dr. Emily Riser to provide educational opportunities to persons with multiple sclerosis, family members and health care professionals. The Foundation is named after Anthony Tanner, a former executive of a health care institution, who has MS. Tony Tanner continues to be a great advocate, philanthropist, and champion for individuals with MS.

Who We Support

In 2015 the Foundation’s Board identified a need within our community to broaden the Foundation’s mission to include all neurological diseases. A primary goal of the Foundation’s work is to provide support to help reduce the financial and psychological burdens experienced by people living with neurological diseases, particularly ALS, MS and Parkinson’s Disease.

Our Participation

The Tanner Foundation has participated in the CMSC Rehabilitation Fellowship Program sponsoring fellows from across the United States and Canada interested in specializing in MS care.

Jenny Ely

Executive Director

Board Members

Jonathan Tanner, Board President, Novo Nordisk
Ashley Powell, Civic Volunteer
Mary Beth Buckley, Civic Volunteer
Tina Styslinger, Civic Volunteer
Debbie Mulanix, Senior Care Pharmacy Services
Tracy Flemming Tracy, The Tanner Foundation

Client Testimonials

“I’m honored that Dr Emily Riser established the Tanner Center in my name. It has developed into an outstanding facility for the care of people with neurological diseases. Personally I’ve had the privilege of being a patient who has benefited from the services offered by its excellent staff. I highly recommend it.”


“I have been one of Dr. Riser’s patients for 10+ years. Dr. Riser’s caring, compassionate and empathic manner are without equal. Professionally, Dr. Riser keeps informed and up to date on MS pharmaceutical studies and research. Since MS is different in most patients, this knowledge gives her the ability to provide individualized advice to each patient. It is through The Tanner Foundation and Dr. Riser’s involvement in the foundation that I have learned about different opportunities for people like me with MS. During this pandemic, Dr. Riser and the Tanner Foundation have kept in touch with patients by having monthly Zoom informative meetings. Even though having MS can be challenging, I am thankful I am one of her patients.”


“The Tanner Foundation provides support, encouragement, opportunities, and activities for people living with neurological diseases. I am grateful for the Foundation and its remarkable staff for all they do to improve the day to day living of people who need it the most. Thank you!”


“The Tanner Foundation gives me the hope that I can conquer MS. Dr. Riser and the staff are outstanding in research and promoting health and wellness for patients with neurological problems. They are great at educating their patients and caregivers about what is happening now and what to expect in the future. Their monthly education series is very informative and interactive with the speaker that month. I would not give up the tanner center for anything. Dr Emily and Dr John and all staff and board members are highly knowledgeable and personally I appreciate everything that they do.”


“Being able to attend the ALS Clinic which the Tanner Foundation supports & see all of the different disciplines in one location on the same day without having to travel to multiple appointments/sites is extremely beneficial for me . Dr. John Riser & his team of nurses/therapists are top notch. They go above & beyond to not only evaluate my overall health but to also make sure my needs are met so I can continue to function at the highest level possible. They make me feel like I’m more than just a patient, they make me feel like family.”